STC Aviation Services  ES145.125

STC Aviation Services is an approved EASA maintenance centre based in the Sabadell Airport (LELL) near Barcelona, functioning since 1989.

We have all the necessary calibrated and approved test equipment in order to carry on all kind of installation, modification and test of avionics components. Also we can install and test most avionics in ultralights, gliders, balloons and light aircraft including helicopters.

 Approved EASA PART-145 Centre
  • Communications and Navigation

  • Aeroplanes less than 5700Kg​ -

    • Cessna 401,402,404,411,414,421​

    • Group 3: Piston Engine-Aeroplanes

    • Sub-Group 2a: Single Turbo-Propeller engine Aeroplanes

  • Helicopters -

    • Augusta-Bell 204/205

    • Bell 204/205

    • Kaman K -1200 Series

    • Subgroup 2b: Single Turbine Engines Helicopters

    • Subgroup 2c: Single Piston Engine  ​

Certification and homologation of avionics installations.

We do all the required documentation in order to obtain the certification of your avionics installation.

  • Minor Change Approval Certificate

  • CS-STAN Certificate

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