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Communication and Navigation Equipments.

Adaptation to the 8.33 kHz normative.

Installation, certification, test and repair of communications and navigation equipment. We have the necessary equipment as well as an fully equipped laboratory, to do the test and certification. We do also the required wiring and installation in the aircraft.

Installation of new communications equipment with 8.33 kHz channel spacing.


We install, test and certify transponder installations in all kind of aircrafts. We have all the necessary approved equipment to test and certificate the installation.

Programming and installation of ELT's in all kind of aircraft. We have all the necessary test equipment in order to certificate the ELT installation.

If the registration of your aircraft has changed, we do the ELT programming with the new data.

Pitot Static test and certification in all kind of aircraft. With our calibrated and certified equipment we can test all the Pitot Static installations, leak checks and indication test.

Pitot Static System

Emergency Location Transmitter ELT

STC Aviation Services

Our maintenance organization is dedicated to the installation, modification, verification and certification of avionics systems on different types of aircraft. We specialize in communications equipment and navigation system, Pitot Static systems, transponders and emergency beacons among others.

We also perform adaptation to the new Single European Sky regulations concerning the separation between voice channels.

This regulation requires all aircraft flying in European airspace, having all their radios with channel spacing of 8.33 kHz. Click on the button below to learn more about the rules.


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